Exploring the seasons with children

Activity ideas for changing seasons

Understanding how the seasons change - how time passes, how it affects the world around us and how we can make the most of it - is a wonderful topic to explore with children. But where to begin?

Try watching an episode of Mr Bloom’s Nursery with your child and get inspiration as each new season arrives.

For most of us, there's a sigh of relief when spring arrives. It’s time to get out and about and explore nature – the bulbs sprouting, colourful blossom and baby animals. You could plant seeds in a small box on a window sill, or have a go at Mr Bloom’s Cress Heads Make by sprinkling some cress seeds in an old yoghurt pot.

Then as summer arrives, it’s time to learn about minibeasts and all the other wildlife around us. Have a look at the Minibeast Adventure with Jess web page for inspiration.

As the days get shorter, why not learn about autumn by collecting leaves, seeds and nuts together - naming the trees as you go - you could even make a scrapbook when you get home.

When it’s cold and frosty outside, look for opportunities to explore the science of water changing into ice - children always find this fascinating. 

You could even venture out in the early evening to look up at the stars - check out the CBeebies Stargazing page to find lots of resources to help you explore the night sky with your little ones.

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