Six online safety tips for kids

Good Behaviour

Think about the way you talk about or react to what you see online (especially on social media) and try to model good manners and kindness just as you would in other areas of life.

Joint Activity

If you’re using a phone or tablet with your little one, try to make it a joint activity. For example, you could look at photos together and talk about the memories that are attached to them.

Device Free Time

Talk together as a family about how you can strike a balance between screen time and other activities. Try setting some ‘device-free’ times or rooms at home (at mealtimes and before bed can be a good place to start). You could even have a phone-free day trip together.

Use Devices Together

Using devices together really helps young children learn from what they’re doing. A grown-up asking questions and commentating on what’s happening makes it easier for little ones to relate what they’re learning on screen into the real world. There are lots of great games to play together in the CBeebies Playtime Island app.


It can be useful to commentate on what you’re doing when you do need to use your device in front of your child. Saying things like ‘I’m sending a message to Grandma to say we will meet her at the café’ helps little ones understand how grown-ups use devices to communicate and shows you’re not just ignoring them!


Think about what you’re sharing online, and if your child is old enough, ask how they feel before posting a photo of them on your social media profile. Doing this while they’re young is a good way to start a conversation about how we behave online, which will stand you in good stead later on!

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