Eight outdoor activities to do together

1. Go on a wild walk

Venturing outdoors to see what you can spot in your local area is a great place for you and your little one to start your outdoor adventure. Looking for signs of natural wildlife, engaging with your senses and recording what you see are all fantastic ways to enjoy the great outdoors as a family. 

2. Make your own museum

Collecting treasure is one of the most exciting ways to explore the outdoors - even if it sometimes seems as if you're compiling the world's largest museum of gravel! When you're out in the park or garden, try setting a challenge for your little one to try and find different types of objects. 

3. Build a den

We all like escaping to our very own den, whether it’s pillows and blankets, washing on the line, a twig-based mini-den masterpiece - or even a locked bathroom door! A den is a grand design challenge for you and your little one that you will both enjoy. Are you brave enough to tackle an outdoor build?

4. Play Pooh Sticks

Follow in the footsteps of Winnie-the-Pooh, by playing your very own game of Pooh Sticks. All you need is a stick for each player, a stream and a footbridge and the the aim of the game is simple – throw your stick over the edge of the bridge and then run across to the other side to see whose stick emerges first from under the bridge.  

5. Have your own minibeast adventure

Our gardens are home to some fascinating wildlife, so why not try lifting a stone or looking under a log to see which minibeasts you can find. Use a magnifying glass and ask your little one questions about the creatures they can see – can they see it's eyes? How many legs does it have? 

6. Make friends with a baby animal

The arrival of spring/summer is a great excuse to visit your local farm or pet’s area and be introduced to a wide range of animals. Whether it’s feeding ducklings in the park or turning your back garden into a welcoming wild diner, this can be one of the most exciting (and cutest) activities to do with your family. 

7. Eat outdoors

The summer months are a great opportunity to try al fresco eating. Eating outdoors has the benefit of making spills less of an issue and your little one will be more willing to try out new foods when fresh air and running around has worked up their appetite. 

8. Get set and grow something

Whether it’s cress heads in a yoghurt pot, a plot in the garden or helping Granddad on the allotment, growing things is a great way to learn about caring and nurturing. Have you got sunflowers on the go this year? Are your little ones trying to grow their own food? Here are some more top tips for gardening with kids.

So there you have it! 8 top activities to do while the weather is nice enough to get out and about. Don’t forget to let us know if you plan on doing any of these and which ones on the Grown Ups Twitter and Facebook pages. 

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