Knit your own Sarah and Duck hat

Sarah and Duck Hat Knitting Pattern


75g of green aran-weight yarn
set of 4 x 5mm dpns, or one long 5mm circular for Magic Loop

20 st x 32 rows = 10 cm (adjust needle size to get gauge)


Cast on 84 sts using a stretchy cast on (eg. long tail). Place marker and join
to work in the round.
Purl 15 rounds.
Knit until hat measures about 15 cm from cast on edge. (You may need to
adjust this to match the distance from just above your eyebrows to the top
of your crown.)

Crown decreases
Round 1: [k12, k2tog] around
Round 2: k
Round 3: [k11, k2tog] around
Round 4: k
Round 5: [k10, k2tog] around
Round 6: k
Round 7: [k9, k2tog] around
Round 8: k
Round 9: [k8, k2tog] around
Round 10: k
Round 11: [k7, k2tog] around
Round 12: k
Round 13: [k6, k2tog] around
Round 14: k
Round 15: [k5, k2tog] around
Round 16: k
Round 17: [k4, k2tog] around
Round 18: [k3, k2tog] around
Round 19: [k2, k2tog] around
Round 20: [k1, k2tog] around
Round 21: [k2tog] around
You should have 6 stitches remaining.

Top cord
Put the remaining stitches onto one needle. Work i-cord for 10 rounds.
Break yarn and pull through remaining stitches. Weave in ends and put on


Long tail cast
Knitting in the round

When you've finished

We'd love to see photos of your finished hat -  good, bad or ugly! You can post them as a message to CBeebies Facebook, or Twitter @CBeebiesHQ . Find more of our crafts for grown-ups on Pinterest

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