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1. Making friends

Teaching children to ‘play nicely’ with others can be tricky. Bing can help children learn to think about things from other people's perspectives and learn the skills to resolve conflict by teaching them about different emotions.

Learning how to recognise different emotions and what to do if someone is upset or angry, for example, teaches children essential skills needed later in life; like waiting for others and considering their needs.

2. Learn with shapes

It’s never too early to introduce your child to simple maths. The Hey Duggee game is filled with fun ideas to build into everyday life, to help your child learn about different shapes.

Once your child starts school, they’ll be learning to read, write and do maths for themselves, so this is great practice to get them used to it.

3. Helping others

Discover The Furchester Hotel where your little one can grow vegetables and choose what to wear for the weather outside. When they get back indoors they can help the characters wash their hands, tidy a room and get them to sleep.

When they start school, they will start to become more independent and this game is a great way for them to recognise choices and how to help others in different tasks.

4. Making geography fun

The CBeebies Go Jetters game is a fun way for your child to learn about geography.

This game is fantastic to introduce your child to what is on Earth, such as oceans, islands, deserts and forests, as well as what are the different climates and differences in weather.

It is a great way to get your little one notice the world around them!

5. Discovering the world around them

The Busy in Biggleton game can help your child with exploring, investigating and discovering grown up jobs and vocations. Your child can practise styling hair, they can have a go at shopping and managing a busy café.

This is great at helping your little one in working out connections and differences between people.

Download the Go Explore app now via the Apple, Google Play and Amazon app stores.

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