Daily mindful activities for children

Your Mindful Garden

Developed with the help of a mindfulness expert, Your Mindful Garden teaches valuable techniques to help children de-stress and unwind – useful skills both in these tough times and for later in life.

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Voiced by actor, writer and comedian Stephen Fry, Your Mindful Garden introduces a range of mindful activities to children in a fun and simple way.

Creating a daily mindful routine

Your Mindful Garden gives children three daily activities to complete, each one addressing a different aspect of mindfulness: focus, creative and calm. After playing they get a reward for their special mindfulness tree, which will then go to sleep ready to wake for the next day’s session.

Focus activities

These activities encourage concentration and, in turn, clear and relax the mind.

Fantastic Fish: Focus on collecting the different coloured scales to decorate the fish. A focus game like this will automatically slow down a child’s breathing, resulting in a calmer feeling, and allow them to be present in the moment, not focusing on any mental chatter.

Hide and Seek Bugs: Use memory to find where each bug is hiding. Memory games are a perfect way to encourage focus, slowing down breathing and letting children relax their minds for a few moments as they play.

Creative activities

These activities bring appreciation for good feeling states.

Feelings flower: Fill in the petals by looking back and remembering different feelings. Recalling memories and talking about them with you encourages your child to be present with that memory.

Zen Garden: Move the rake around the sand to make patterns. This allows your child to switch off from their wider thoughts and practise being present in the moment.

Calming activities

Creating a feeling of calm and relaxation, these activities will teach your child helpful ways to return to a calm feeling state whenever they may need to.

Calming Frog: Breathe along and take five deep mindful breaths with the frog. Taking five deep breaths in and out in this way helps to bring about a feeling of calm.

Monkey Stretch: Help the monkey stretch into different positions, then copy the stretch yourself. Stretching and movement in children is wonderful for increasing blood flow and improving posture.

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