Fun exercises to do at home with kids


Yoga is great to try as a family, you don't need a big space or much equipment. There are many different styles of yoga to try, with varying levels of difficulty but all involve holding poses, meditation and controlled breathing. Yoga is perfect for increasing fitness, flexibility or just a way to relax and once you know a few poses you can practice together, anywhere. You can find a lot of great yoga videos for kids online for you to try together.

Rebecca, JoJo & Gran Gran show you how to do some Yoga moves.

Yoga with Rebecca and Duggee, you can watch and join in!

Workout with Andy

Have fun with Andy as you learn some fun animal moves that he has learnt on his travels across the world. This is a fun way to include exercise into your daily routine at home.

Balloon ball

You can have endless fun playing with balloons; catch, tennis and seeing how long you can keep it off the ground. 


Get dancing to your CBeebies favourites and have a dance party! You can also have fun playing musical chairs, musical statues and making your own dance routines. 

Check out Oti's Boogie Beebies on CBeebies iPlayer for more dance moves!

Recycling bowling

Use your empty bottles that are ready to be recycled to create an amazing bowling game!

Animal relay

Run around your living room while doing impressions of different animals! Waddle like a penguin, jump like a frog or hop like a rabbit. What other animals can you think of?

Tidy up racing

After all the fun and games, put on a song and see who can tidy up before it finishes!

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