Keep the kids entertained on Christmas Eve

1. Christmas games

Why not play a game for all the family to enjoy, you could use a board game, playing cards or try a Christmas twist on a classic party game. We have a few different ideas. 

  • Christmas Charades using Christmas films, books and songs. Remember to include things the kids can guess too. 
  • Santa Says... Same rules as the original Simon Says game but it's Santa giving the orders. 
  • Christmas Pairs, get the kids to draw Christmas images such as Santa, a Christmas tree, present, reindeer, star or snowman (draw two of each item). Then cut the images out and play Christmas pairs. 
  • Musical Statues with Christmas music.
  • Sleeping Reindeers, (Sleeping Lions) you could play this game last if you need to calm the kids down, play some festive music as the children try and be the last sleeping reindeer. 

Head over to Tiny Happy People for even more festive games to play with the whole family.

2. Baking

You could bake your very own gingerbread, cookies or cakes ready for Santa and his reindeers, (or just to enjoy on Christmas day). Take a look on BBC Food for a Christmas baking recipe to suit you and remember to get all the ingredients ready so you don't have to go to the shop on Christmas Eve!  

We all know that Christmas is a time for indulgence, but too much sugar can have a negative affect on sleep. Set a cut off time a few hours before bed and make sure they don't eat any sweet treats after this point. 

3. Fresh air and decorations

Getting some fresh air during the day can help you sleep at night, so whatever the weather, make sure your kids get outside on Christmas Eve. You might only get to the local park and home but the fresh air will be worth it.

You could always walk around your neighbourhood, (or go for a drive if it is raining) and check out all the incredible Christmas decorations that people have put up. Free entertainment, free light shows AND you get out of the house for a little bit.

4. Treasure hunt

We all love treasure hunts and the kids will be really excited to find a special Christmas Eve present. You could do a treasure hunt by leaving clues around the house leading to the final hiding place. Or try something a bit different, get a large ball of twine, string or wool, one for each child. Tie a present to one end, unwind the balls of twine, spreading them out all over the room and into different places, then add a name tag to the end of the twine for the child who's present it is. Their treasure could be some new pyjamas, a book or film to watch together later. 

5. Snuggle up and relax

After a day full of fun and laughter, it's time to relax. Snuggle up together and watch a film, read a Christmas story or watch a CBeebies Christmas panto on iPlayer. Try to maintain some elements of your normal evening routine, even if it's happening later than usual. Talk to your little one about what's going to be different, and what will stay the same so they know what to expect, and try to get back to normality as soon as possible after the festive season has ended.

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