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Playtime Island

Download the CBeebies Playtime Island app via the Apple, Google Play and Amazon app stores.

CBeebies Playtime Island is packed full of fun games for your child to enjoy. Each game in CBeebies Playtime Island meet specific needs of children and their parents or carers, with a focus on bonding, learning, discovery and self-expression.

Children can make the island their own by choosing their favourite games and CBeebies characters to play with. Eight games can be downloaded at a time so that they are available to play offline. This personalisation means that the app can grow with your child as they develop and their interests change. You can start out with an island full of Bing, Teletubbies and Twirlywoos before graduating to Go Jetters, The Furchester Hotel and Topsy and Tim.

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Get Creative

Download the CBeebies Get Creative app via the Apple, Google Play and Amazon app stores.

Allow your child to express themselves and create an amazing picture – with no mess!

 Creativity is vital in children’s social and emotional development, and this app is cleverly designed with that in mind.

In our creative factory children can explore amazing make machines with some of our most loved CBeebies characters.

There’s Magic Paint, Sound Doodles, Play Puppets, Terrific Toys and Block Builder!

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Go Explore

Download the Go Explore app via the Apple, Google Play and Amazon app stores.

Each game in Go Explore draws on the Early Years curriculum, helping children as they grow and building up their skills and understanding ready to start school.

Games cover a range of topics, from exploring different habitats with the Go Jetters to helping guests at The Furchester Hotel make healthy choices. Your child can also have fun with shapes and sequences with Hey Duggee, join Bing and friends to learn about emotions and help the townsfolk of Biggleton with different jobs.

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Download the Storytime app via the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon app stores

The Storytime app brings your child’s favourite CBeebies characters to life with interactive stories that you can enjoy together. 

Designed to help support early years reading, there are also questions to help develop comprehension skills, so you and your little ones can enjoy reading, playing and learning together.

Features include two reading modes to accommodate different reading abilities and styles;

  • Read to me - narrated by a CBeebies character or presenter and lets children listen while they follow the story.
  • Read by myself - lets children read the story with a parent, friend or encourages them to read by themselves at their own pace.
  • A dedicated Grown-ups section which includes useful tips to help you support your child’s reading development.
  • An accessibility mode helps children with a range of abilities to choose stories to read and then enjoy reading them.

Find out more about the CBeebies Storytime app here.

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