Six bedtime clock change tips for kids

1. Changing bedtime by stealth

By sneakily moving the start of your little one’s bedtime routine a few minutes later (in the Autumn) or earlier (in the Spring) each night in the week before the clocks change, you can gradually move them towards the new ‘correct’ bedtime. 

Pro tip – don’t forget to adjust meal and nap times by the same amount as well.

2. Go with the flow

Alternatively, you can take a cue from your child, and simply wait for their bodies to adjust to the new timings naturally. Stay strong until things settle down again!

3. Stick to a routine

Making sure your child has a simple, familiar ‘wind-down’ routine every night helps to cue them in to the fact that it’s nearly bedtime, even if it’s lighter outside.

4. Keep it dark

If the extra hours of daylight are a problem in the mornings (during early Autumn) or evenings (in Spring and Summer), blackout blinds in your little one’s room can help to make it feel like night time.

Pro tip – when it’s really light outside, closing all the curtains upstairs (or near your child’s room) before they head towards bed is even better.

5. Use it to your advantage

If you’re currently stuck with a bedtime that’s later than you’d like, you can always take advantage of the Autumn clock change to move things an hour earlier. Let’s all just hold onto that!

6. Use calming sounds

Help your child settle down, relax and fall asleep to these relaxing, calming sounds from CBeebies Radio.

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