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The Worst Witch

CBBC says: Draws from the same source material as the film from the '80s and TV series of the '90s, albeit with less Tim Curry and more Lyanna Mormont from Game of Thrones!

CBeebies says: A brilliant adaptation of one of our favourite childhood reads. You don’t need to have read the books to enjoy this, but it might just encourage you and your kids to check them out together.

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Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed

CBBC says: It’s 2018 and comic book hero Dennis the Menace has a whole new computer-animated look. He’s actually a bit of a nicer guy too – with a great gang of friends, including a potato…

CBeebies says: Dennis has evolved, and we definitely approve – kids can try the Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed jigsaw on the CBBC website too.

Join Dennis and Gnasher’s gang on BBC iPlayer Kids.

The Dengineers

CBBC says: Wave goodbye to your back yard, as the Dengineers help lucky viewers turn their dream dens into reality – it’s like Grand Designs, only the designs are waaaay more fun!

CBeebies says: Time to fantasise about that amazing treehouse you never quite built a kid. Just don’t blame us if you get a sudden urge to turn your front room into a space station...

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Hank Zipzer

CBBC says: Based on a book series written by the actual Fonz himself, Henry Winkler, this comedy-drama follows teenager Hank Zipzer as he deals with dyslexia. It’s a funny, heartwarming, sometimes slapstick show for the whole family…happy days!

CBeebies says: Hank Zipzer draws on Henry Winkler’s own experiences as a child with dyslexia, and is a great one to watch together (especially if your family is facing a similar challenge).

Watch Hank’s adventures on BBC iPlayer Kids.

Officially Amazing

CBBC says: That World Record book you get every Christmas? Here it is brought to life with gunge, more gunge and a presenter with an impressively hipster wardrobe.

CBeebies says: A 21st century reboot of the childhood classic, Record Breakers. Perfect if you’re looking for a factual show with added mayhem! And everyone loves a good gunging, right?

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Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch

CBBC says: A pre-watershed Gordon Ramsay and his much more chilled out daughter make delicious recipes that you can try at home - plus you get to nosey at their swanky LA pad. Could the Ramsay bunch be your new favourite reality TV family?

CBeebies says: If your kids have learnt to cook with Katy on CBeebies, this series might well inspire them to take on an entire family dinner, just like the uber-cool Matilda Ramsay. Surely that's the dream?

Head to BBC iPlayer Kids to get addicted to Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch.

Blue Peter

CBBC says: You all remember Blue Peter. It’s still here and still going strong - time to share the love with a new generation (disclaimer: Neighbours is no longer on afterwards...)

CBeebies says: What else can we say? It’s an absolute classic! BP might've had a 21st century makeover, but don’t worry, your kids can still earn the famous badge! 

Revisit your childhood memories of Blue Peter on the BBC iPlayer Kids.

Danger Mouse

CBBC says: One of the best-written comedies on any channel at the moment. You’ll recognise loads of famous voices (Alexander Armstrong and Kevin Eldon, to name-drop but a few...) , mainly because actors love it so much that they all want to lend us their vocal cords in exchange for money.

CBeebies says: It’s the greatest! It’s fantastic! It’s the best…yes, it takes us right back to our childhoods. Share the magic and make it a family favourite. There are some cracking Danger Mouse games to play on the CBBC website too!

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Want even more?

CBeebies HQ hosted a lively debate on social media about favourite family shows. Two that got a lot of love from parents were Operation Ouch and Horrible Histories. These are brilliant, funny shows aimed at slightly older kids - so you might want to watch them yourself first to see if they’re right for your child.

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