Joe Swash helps you find your confidence in the kitchen

Kitchen essentials

You don't need to buy the contents of a cook shop to get started. Joe talks to BBC Dish Up about all the basics you'll need for home cooking.

Joe’s journey from microwave to oven

Trying out the easy to follow recipes on BBC Dish Up, like this easy-peasy pizza, really helped Joe get to grips with the basics of cooking. 

Discovering baking

Getting kids involved in baking can get them thinking about numbers, weights and measurements in a really practical way. This simple Victoria sandwich is a great place to start.

Start your day the Joe Swash way

Try this simple museli recipe from BBC Dish Up for a stella start to the day.

Kids and new food

Getting the kids involved in the cooking process can help introduce them to new and interesting foods - and get them on the way to eating their 5-a-day! Joe cooks BBC Dish Up's yummy minced beef pie - you could even attempt your own short crust pastry

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