How to get the CBeebies Storytime app

CBeebies Storytime App

CBeebies Storytime aims to make reading fun, with playful and imaginative stories designed to help support early years reading. Every story is brought to life with magical things to touch, swipe and play with. There are also questions to help develop comprehension skills, so you and your little ones can enjoy reading, playing and learning together.

The app has a library feature where you and your little ones will be able to choose and download more stories for free and when they are finished with these they can simply choose others. The app has over 40 stories in the library!

We've also added a CBeeebies Bedtime Story for your child to enjoy, narrated by Robbie Williams! Jazz Dog, by author and illustrator Marie Voigt, is the story of one little dog that dares to follow the music in his heart.

Don’t forget to come back regularly and visit the library to keep up-to-date with all of the new stories as they are added.

Useful tip

  • At the end of each story your little one will find questions about that story. This really helps as a good talking point between you and your child and will help you to see how much they understood.

How do I get the app?

The CBeebies Storytime app is available to download for free via the Apple, Google Play and Amazon app stores. For more information or support please do visit the CBeebies’ apps section of our Grown-ups FAQ page.


Once downloaded, you can open the CBeebies book and discover a world of stories waiting for you with every turn of the page. Choose your favourite story book from a selection of CBeebies classic shows: Peter Rabbit, Something Special, and Charlie and Lola just to name a few.

'Library' feature

The library feature allows you and your little ones the option to download new and exciting stories for free. Simply visit the library using the ‘add story’ cloud in the top left corner and choose from a selection of stories You can have up to 12 stories within your CBeebies book. Once your book is full, or if you would like to change your stories, you can return them and then add new ones.

Storytime includes lots of CBeebies classic storybooks and we are already working hard on making more great stories for you and your little ones to enjoy together, so remember to keep an eye on the library for exciting new stories to download for free.

App features

The app features two reading modes to accommodate different reading abilities and styles:

  • Read to me - narrated by a CBeebies character or presenter and lets children listen while they follow the story.
  • Read by myself - lets children read the story with a parent, friend or encourages them to read by themselves at their own pace.

The Storytime app also features a dedicated Grown-ups section which includes useful tips to help you support your child’s reading development as well as links to more, free, fun things to enjoy from CBeebies on your mobile or tablet.

An accessibility mode helps children with a range of abilities to choose stories to read and then enjoy reading them. This is activated via the Grown-ups section of the app and includes an Autoscan mode. This is presented as a highlight that systematically moves around all interactive and button elements, with a voice prompt telling you what they are. Using this mode will allow children with visual impairments to interact with all areas of the Storytime App via a one-touch input method. There are settings within the Autoscan mode to change the speeds of the scan time so they the highlight moves at a rate suitable for each child.

Useful Tip

  • The story interactions will automatically move on after a few seconds, so that children who may have difficulty can continue with the story.


Safety is extremely important to us and we value how important it is for our families. The app is free to download, completely free from any advertisements or in-app purchases and features a parental lock for any external links, keeping little fingers safe to read, explore and play.

Take CBeebies Storytime wherever you go!

No need for Wi-Fi or mobile connection.

Once you have downloaded the CBeebies Storytime app to your mobile or tablet device, you no longer need an internet connection to read the stories. Your little one can enjoy their CBeebies stories out and about and on the go, making it perfect for long car journeys and reading anytime. You will need an internet connection to access the library to download new stories or return any you have finished .