Birthdays on CBeebies

A birthday card on TV

  • Send your card so that it arrives at least four weeks before the birthday. Over the Christmas period (mid-December to mid-January), try to send it 6 weeks early.
  • A3 or A2 sizes are ideal. Use an envelope no longer than 61cm and no wider than 46cm (the dimensions of a medium parcel). Do not roll the card into a postage tube so it’s nice and flat.
  • Only put the first name and age of the child on the front of your birthday card.
  • Put your message and the date of the birthday  on the back.
  • Make sure the card is landscape (wide) rather than portrait (tall) as this is better for TV.
  • If you decorate the card with TV characters, please make sure that you only use CBeebies characters!
  • All birthday cards must include a good quality photograph of the child on the front.
  • Do not use photos of any child who you are not the parent of guardian of, or photos of any adults
  • Please make sure that there are no brands, logos or anything identifiable on the child's clothes, such as a school jumper.
  • Please let us know how to pronounce any names on the card if you think it’s necessary.

By sending in a Birthday Card to the CBeebies House you are confirming that you are the legal guardian of the child or children featured in the birthday card, or that you have sought permission from the legal guardian of the children.

By sending in you are also agreeing to the BBC’s Terms of Use.  These mainly cover material that is sent to us in digital form, but also apply in this case to the cards you send us by post – see especially sections 19 and 20 about Creations

For privacy information in relation to what you send us, please see this page.

Post your card to:

CBeebies, PO Box 1234, Salford, M5 0DN

We're sorry but we cannot return cards, let you know if your card will be shown, or provide any recordings.

If you have already sent in a card but forgotten to add a detail (such as the date), please try emailing and the team may be able to help.

When cards are read out on TV:

Birthday cards are shown at slightly different times each day. To ensure you see the correct TV link, you can watch and/or record all the programmes that are on CBeebies between the following times on your child’s birthday:

  • Between 06.35am and 07.15am
  • Between 12.25pm and 1.00pm
  • Between 3.30pm and 4.30pm

And don’t forget, unfortunately, there is no guarantee a card sent in will be shown.

Good luck!

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