Birthday Card Shout-Outs

Make Sure To Visit The Webpage On The Day

The birthday shout-outs video will stay on this page for 24hrs, from 12 midnight on the day, until the next. Each day’s will overwrite the previous, so set your reminders!

Due to limitations at this time, the video also isn’t available after the birthday. We’re afraid we can't offer a download, send out individual videos or let individuals know if their card was shown.

If you’d like to record it for a keepsake, perhaps you can try filming the screen yourself from a personal device e.g- on a phone or with the screen record function.

We hope you understand that we don’t know for how long this situation and method of showing cards will continue. Please follow @CBeebiesHQ’s social feeds for updates when we know more.

How to send birthday cards to CBeebies during Lockdown

We want to help your kids still have wonderful birthdays over the coming weeks, so we’re trying to keep our daily birthday card shout-outs going, but we need you to send the cards in differently.

Instead of posting your card, you need to take a picture of the card and send it to us using the Send your stuff button below. Please include the first name, age and a short message for the presenter. We’ll be posting the daily shout-outs for birthdays here on the CBeebies website.

Read the instructions carefully below and make sure you send us all the details, then press the Send your stuff button to upload your picture.

We will do as many birthday shout-outs as we can, but we can’t make any promises. If you previously posted a card in, we’re afraid we have no access to these. The last TV recording was for 10th April. Hopefully you have a photo of it you can upload.

We’re asking for birthdays on and after Monday April 27th, when we hope to start. Keep your eye on our CBeebies HQ social feeds for updates. We appreciate your patience in these unprecedented times.

How to upload your birthday card

  • Upload your card so that it arrives at least three weeks before the birthday
  • Only put the first name and age of the child on the front of your birthday card.
  • When submitting a birthday card please select the date of your child’s upcoming birthday in the date picker.
  • Try to take the photo as good quality, in focus and well-lit as you can. Daylight is often the best.
  • Put your message and the date of the birthday in the notes section of the uploader.
  • Make sure the card is landscape (wide) rather than portrait (tall) as this is better for video.
  • If you decorate the card with TV characters, please make sure that you only use CBeebies characters!
  • All birthday cards must include a good quality photograph of the child on the front.
  • Do not use photos of any child who you are not the parent of guardian of, or photos of any adults.
  • Please make sure that there are no brands, logos or anything identifiable on the child's clothes, such as a school jumper.
  • Please let us know how to pronounce any names on the card if you think it’s necessary.

By uploading a Birthday Card to the CBeebies House you are confirming that you are the legal guardian of the child or children featured in the birthday card and that you are happy for the card and child details to appear on the CBeebies website and possibly social media.

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