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What's this learning area about

When you see an activity labelled with the ‘Communicating’ icon on CBeebies, it means that it can help your child to develop the skills they need for communication. For young children, these include attention and listening skills, understanding language and learning to talk.

Children interact with other people in lots of different ways – for example, when they look, point, smile and talk. Communicating is also about having fun with images and spoken words.

Experiencing a wide range of language and styles of speaking or writing will help children express themselves.

At CBeebies, our learning areas reflect those found in the Early Years curricula of the UK; the EYFS in England and Wales, the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland, and the Foundation Stage in Northern Ireland. These are the guidelines that all educational settings (like nurseries, schools and child-minders) follow, to help children develop knowledge, skills and understanding using a fun, play-based approach.

We reflect these learning areas so you can be sure that what your child learns from CBeebies perfectly complements what they are taught when they get to nursery and school.

Communicating links to Communication, Language and Literacy (England), Languages (Scotland), Language, Literacy and Communication Skills (Wales) and Language and Literacy (Northern Ireland).

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