Your Lifebabble Stories

It's OK not to know everything!

Worrying about the future

Talking in class

Forgetting school books

Not trying too hard to fit in

Struggling to keep on top of homework

Getting nervous about exams

Loving homework!

Moving to secondary school and growing up

Older kids at school

Coping with body changes with help from friends and family

Dealing with anger by thinking about positive things

Friendship can make you feel angry

Coping with anxiety

Reading can help when feeling down

A good friend can make you laugh!

Dealing with self-esteem

Feeling self-conscious

Ignoring peer pressure and following your dreams

Being deaf

Living with Asperger syndrome

Feeling excluded from a group

Having a group of good friends.

How it feels to be cyberbullied

Helping a friend who is being cyberbullied

Choosing not to have any online friends

Making sure that online friends are real-life friends too.

Coping with death - Grandma

Being a young carer

What happens when parents try to be cool...

An all-singing, all-dancing (and slightly embarrassing) Mum...

Coping with the change when parents separate

Spending time with an older step-sister

Being an only child has its perks!

Little brothers can be so annoying...

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