Henry disappoints Amy

Catch up with the all the main LOL 😂 and OMD 😮 moments from Episode 8 Mash Up Match Up with the TNS Cool Down.

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  • Comment number 87. Posted by BPfan2018

    9 Sep 2018 16:58
    Hi I’m new to the CBBC website and so far I am really enjoying it! My fave show is (obvs) the next step!!
  • Comment number 86. Posted by BPfan2018

    9 Sep 2018 16:57
    @musicalpanda when I read the comments I read U17009221’s comment and it was a total spoiler... 😧
  • Comment number 85. Posted by BPfan2018

    9 Sep 2018 16:54
    @Ilovethedumpingground I think I agree with you. It’s so awesome that in the next step it never gets boring! 💃
  • Comment number 84. Posted by U17142451

    3 Sep 2018 12:32
    I can't believe they were about to kiss 😘
  • Comment number 83. Posted by ILoveTheDumpingGround

    15 Aug 2018 9:34
    I definitely think Piper and Finn will end up together, they look really cute together and at the prom Piper just let loose and had fun with Finn, so I definitely think they will be together
  • Comment number 82. Posted by WeirdPizzaMonkey

    13 Aug 2018 16:47
    This comment was removed because it broke the rules. Explain
  • Comment number 81. Posted by prettylittlefox23

    13 Aug 2018 13:50
    A premiere is the first screening of an episode or movie.
  • Comment number 80. Posted by dxy33

    12 Aug 2018 15:12
    Uggg if I was Henry I would of said yes I’m going with someone but that someone’s a secret 😂😱
  • Comment number 79. Posted by moon walker 782

    12 Aug 2018 10:58
    Premier means you can see it and it is a bit like a opening to something.

    It also means 1st
  • Comment number 78. Posted by Rainbowunicorn

    11 Aug 2018 14:22
    I ❤️ TNS!
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