Series One: Spy den


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  • Comment number 51. Posted by U16578582

    29 Jul 2016 15:58
    can u denginear a tree house for me can y text me please
  • Comment number 50. Posted by AzureTalkativeLily

    18 Jun 2016 16:49
    Can u watch this episode online? I really want to watch it!

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  • Comment number 49. Posted by OrangeSewingDog

    18 Jun 2016 9:44
    This is my favourite of them all!!
  • Comment number 48. Posted by U16538810

    13 Jun 2016 14:11
  • Comment number 47. Posted by QuartzGreatLadybird

    12 Jun 2016 19:32
    when are the Dengineers looking for a new person to be on there show?:[
  • Comment number 46. Posted by AzureTalkativeLily

    12 Jun 2016 19:16
    I would love love love to be on the dengineers show

    like if u agree :)
  • Comment number 45. Posted by U16538203

    12 Jun 2016 18:21
    Cool and I have a den in my nanny's garden If you like the idea that I have a den in my nanny's garden like the comment
  • Comment number 44. Posted by U16549978

    5 Jun 2016 11:01
    i REALLY want a spy den i love spying :)
  • Comment number 43. Posted by CrimsonCheesyCamel

    4 Jun 2016 14:46
    I would love to have a den to sit and relax in I made a den with blankets and tied them onto my curtain rail with hair bobbles.I put one end of the blanket on my bed head board.(it was on my bed) I kept it up for a few days I even slept in it! I loved it but my parents didn' was three rooms! Wish I had a proper den:(

  • Comment number 42. Posted by U16548102

    2 Jun 2016 11:10
    Dengineers I really need your help my dog keeps on barking at my rabbit so can you help me build an animal shelter so my rabbit can have some peace and quiet!
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