Ryan's secret is revealed


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  • Comment number 258. Posted by U16578596

    29 Jul 2016 16:46
    Ryan is spiteful but i dont think he is doin it on purpose
  • Comment number 257. Posted by U16517677

    22 Jun 2016 18:22
    Ryan is mean but I still feel sorry for him.
  • Comment number 256. Posted by U16537101

    3 Jun 2016 13:55
    Poor Ryan
  • Comment number 255. Posted by U16542651

    31 May 2016 12:04
    I Feel Sorry For Ryan In This Episode Because He Was Kinda Crying And I've Never Really Seen Him Cry. I Actually Felt Like Crying In This Ep. As Well. Like If U Agree!
    - ValerieDean xx
  • Comment number 254. Posted by U16524915

    30 Apr 2016 18:03
    poor chloe
  • Comment number 253. Posted by AzureAutumnElf

    24 Apr 2016 18:30
    Poor Chloe she has to cope with being in care as well as being in a wheelchair.
  • Comment number 252. Posted by U16505996

    26 Mar 2016 8:56
    I love Ryan so much and I think he likes Carmen. I did feel very sorry for Chloe.
  • Comment number 251. Posted by ViridianMegaDude

    22 Mar 2016 13:07
    I feel sooooo sorry for Chloe, she can't do anything in her state!
  • Comment number 250. Posted by U16501760

    19 Mar 2016 9:35

    Yeah, I def agree
  • Comment number 249. Posted by WhiteSportyEchidna

    14 Mar 2016 18:14
    ryan is the victim here gets framed for something he clearly did not do and has people delving into his private life I would react the same way he did so stop blaming him
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