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  • Comment number 26. Posted by U16332146

    24 Dec 2015 7:51
    Wow wow wow wow wow wow just amazing to think he is only around 13 years old its just amazing and I love how different intrements came in at differ times I loved it like if you agree 😆😆😆💙💙💙
  • Comment number 25. Posted by BlueVioletMiniBaker

    22 Dec 2015 17:43
    I really like it!
    Diamond 💎
  • Comment number 24. Posted by IndigoTangyLOL

    3 Dec 2015 16:34
    Wow, your so great at piano! I personally prefer playing and composing jazz and blues, but orchestral music is my second favourite! I play trumpet and French horn, but I can tell that you are an exceptional musician. Well done!
  • Comment number 23. Posted by U16414616

    25 Nov 2015 19:40
  • Comment number 22. Posted by U16288831

    22 Nov 2015 15:28
    This piece is ... incredible! The musical idea's... developing them... taking it from the piano to an orchestra... to do all this, at 15, in the space of a month is absolutely amazing!
    I love composing music as well; music is my life!
    Shane is a brilliant composer!
  • Comment number 21. Posted by BlueBlackSitarUnicorn

    21 Nov 2015 18:34
    This comment was removed because it broke the rules. Explain
  • Comment number 20. Posted by U16397740

    20 Nov 2015 17:24
    that was epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Comment number 19. Posted by PurpleMuffinCamel

    1 Nov 2015 15:55
    that was one coo piano.

  • Comment number 18. Posted by U16330311

    31 Oct 2015 16:08
  • Comment number 17. Posted by U15537511

    3 Oct 2015 12:33
    I've played the piano with the pianist Lang Lang at the children takeover :)
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