What will Millie do?

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  • Comment number 37. Posted by BlueElite99

    12 Jan 2019 11:24
    Hey guys I know I’m late commenting but does anyone know (apart from the specials) when or if another series is coming out? Thanks!

    Also everyone who’s saying Lauren’s too young, she’s 21 and Millie’s 17! Well in real life anyway!

  • Comment number 36. Posted by Rugbygirl

    24 Dec 2018 10:39
    Declan is so funny! Laran should not be getting married because she is still so yough but I would love if her a Declan married when they were older. Forever Decan!
  • Comment number 35. Posted by sparklyhamster

    10 Dec 2018 16:33
    So sweet I think they should get married but there like 15
  • Comment number 34. Posted by U17270998

    10 Dec 2018 16:20
    I love how Declan just walks in at the end and goes “Did I miss something?” 😂 Kind of, Declan! You want to get married to someone who is potentially moving to Spain! 😂
  • Comment number 33. Posted by U17326564

    10 Dec 2018 16:05
  • Comment number 32. Posted by U17326564

    10 Dec 2018 16:01
    Millie inbetween is my absolute fav show can't wait but yes how can she be getting married
  • Comment number 31. Posted by IvoryQuietSeahorse

    9 Dec 2018 17:47
    How can Lauren be getting married! Still looking forward to next episode though!
  • Comment number 30. Posted by U17270998

    9 Dec 2018 9:55
    How is Lauren old enough to be getting married???? Unless they’ve all aged 5 years! 😱
  • Comment number 29. Posted by U17349958

    9 Dec 2018 9:44
    Now Jake won’t miss Hector gumming his finger
  • Comment number 28. Posted by Sugercube101

    8 Dec 2018 18:11
    lauren is too young to be maried!!!
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