The day of Mike's hearing


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  • Comment number 491. Posted by U16477986

    4 Oct 2016 17:57
    Lilac and Ginger - Reply

    That's very true, it's definitely for the best if Ryan's misdeed was kept hush-hush and under wraps. Ryan isn't exactly known for his honesty - he definitely wouldn't want Harry to remember him as the person who lost Mike's job.

    It makes me wonder how Chloe would react tbh, if she found out. As Lilac pointed out, she can be pretty judgemental. She'd probably reject Ryan on the spot.

    We saw how upset Ryan was the first time it happened - if it were to happen again, it would surely destroy him.
  • Comment number 490. Posted by U16602248

    4 Oct 2016 17:26
    Lilac and Azure - Reply

    That is true - if Harry had found out and turned on Ryan, that would have been the last we saw of Ryan - he would have begged for a transfer and I doubt Mike would hold him back. Ryan would have also lost not just a place at TDG, he would have lost a younger brother.

    Possibility - Ryan tells Harry what he did before Harry goes. Its unlikely but maybe.
  • Comment number 489. Posted by LilacGamingGadget

    4 Oct 2016 8:01
    Azure and Ginger: Reply.

    Yeah, I get you, Ginger.

    The writers assume that the children are too young to have good storylines, but I suppose that's true. Although, they aren't babies, they could do better.

    I suppose that was better than nothing.

    Don't you think that it's also kind of good? What if Ryan's bad deeds were revealed? Harry would turn on him.
  • Comment number 488. Posted by U16477986

    2 Oct 2016 19:59

    You can be addicted to gambling, because you can't stop once you've started.

    You've pretty much hit the nail on the head, Ginger. The older characters are the ones that get the best storylines, with the younger ones barely getting a look in.

    I would've liked to see Harry get tangled up in the same complex situations as the older kids. Well, he kind of has already, in episodes like TLWH and Survivors, but not enough. He had so much potential.

    The worst thing about Harry leaving in my eyes is that he won't be around to support Ryan, if and when his mental issues are revealed.
  • Comment number 487. Posted by U16602248

    2 Oct 2016 19:39
    Lilac and Azure - reply

    That hasn't happened in a while.

    I don't care for love - as azure said, I like the nitty gritty stuff, such as Franks addiction.

    I guess you could call it an addiction to gambling - he couldn't stop and it left him on the streets.

    The problem with TDG is that they don't let characters develop until they're teenagers, and because although Harry has been there the longest, he's not a teen and therefore hasn't had very good development.
  • Comment number 486. Posted by U16602248

    2 Oct 2016 19:09
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  • Comment number 485. Posted by LilacGamingGadget

    2 Oct 2016 18:44
    Azure and Ginger: Reply.

    Don't worry, Ginger.

    ...Sure, Azure. Anyways, I agree. They're stereotyping older viewers, I don't give a damn about love! We like mystery or something that'll keep us thinking.

    Yeah, I think it's stupid that they're making Harry leave, though. They barely let the character mature.

    Addiction? You mean gambling?
  • Comment number 484. Posted by U16477986

    2 Oct 2016 18:37
    Lilac and Ginger - Reply

    I guess that they're trying to connect with older viewers by including all the romance stuff, as they can relate to that more.

    To that I say, if you want to interest older viewers, they should include more mature subject matters. Forget the lovey dovey, give me the nitty gritty!

    Finding Frank sticks out in my mind for some reason. Addiction is actually a pretty serious topic that they handled brilliantly. We need more episodes like that.

    Hopefully we'll get some this season, with Kingsley turning up again and Tyler hoping to go home to his mother.
  • Comment number 483. Posted by U16602248

    2 Oct 2016 18:24
    Lilac and azure- reply

    I should have put two and two together with that one. Congratulations me.

    I guess now that Harrys going none of that stuff will be spoken about again.

    I don't understand all the romance plot lines either - this is supposed to be a kids show. Why can't people just be friends - why does love have to get involved?
  • Comment number 482. Posted by LilacGamingGadget

    2 Oct 2016 18:01
    Azure and Ginger: Reply.

    Yeah, what Azure said.

    Yeah, he did say that they had a lot in common, but that was later on, and again, shouldn't be read into too much.

    Yeah, I guess she's undercover, or he does something stupid to impress her.

    I'll tell you what I'm not impressed with:

    All the romance storylines!

    Come on, writers, actually do your job, and do it well?
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