Looking after mum


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  • Comment number 42. Posted by MaroonHappyHeather

    31 Mar 2016 18:43
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  • Comment number 41. Posted by U16509324

    31 Mar 2016 17:16
    I'm a young carer, my hole family have disabilitys, me my mum and my sister all have M.E/CFS and my dad has Bipolor Disorder, i dont see my sister and dad very often, but i have a few close friends who understand, and we all help each other :)
  • Comment number 40. Posted by U16422429

    30 Mar 2016 16:56
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  • Comment number 39. Posted by StarstoneWhizzingDuck

    30 Mar 2016 16:39
    Comment your 5,10,15 th emojis 🐳🍎😊
  • Comment number 38. Posted by U16460547

    30 Mar 2016 16:29
    Aw FireOpalWigglingEchidna hope you and your mum are OK! xx
  • Comment number 37. Posted by U16506447

    30 Mar 2016 16:21
    I dont have to do jobs or tidy my room my mum does it herself i feel sorry
  • Comment number 36. Posted by U16496115

    30 Mar 2016 15:51
    So sad makes you relise how lucky you are to have a mum and dad to take care of you meanwhile they have lots of which you wouldn't be able to juggle.
  • Comment number 35. Posted by U15047665

    30 Mar 2016 13:32
    shouldn't the government help the children and their mums by providing carers for them
  • Comment number 34. Posted by JadeQuickWerewolf

    30 Mar 2016 8:53
    All of those kids are amazing carers and have an important job. This kind of thing makes you feel a bit guilty.
  • Comment number 33. Posted by BlueGreenTornadoApple

    29 Mar 2016 19:53
    Those kids do really important jobs and I feel sorry for people who have to go through that kind of thing
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