Jamie Johnson Returns

The new series of Jamie Johnson starts on CBBC Thursday 5th April at 17.00 and you can catch up on the series so far on CBBC iPlayer

Check out the videos below to catch up on the characters and the story so far.


Brave, talented, hot-headed - he's a complicated character, but will Jamie ever learn to get his temper under control? Find out more from the actor who plays him - Louis Dunn.


Single-handedly attempting to smash the glass ceiling at Kingsmount Academy, Jack is a talented football player and she's not afraid to make her voice heard.


Boggy would be the first to admit that maybe he's not the coolest guy in school, but what he lacks in style he makes up for with intelligence, kindness and an amazing mind for strategy. 


As far as Dillon is concerned he's the number one player at Kingsmount, and he's going to make sure that no one gets in the way of that.


Maddie tells us about playing the new girl in town, Zoe. She loves her football and is a potential rival to Jack.


Jermaine tells us about playing new character Wozza and how much fun it is. He does get into a bit of trouble early on, but with a big heart things slowly improve.

Are you excited for the next series of Jamie Johnson? Which characters are you looking forward to seeing again? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Comment number 26. Posted by U17072035

    1 Aug 2018 18:25
    I really love jj it is so cool I can't wait to see new characters and the drama is epic. When I watch it I can't stop u just want to carry on watching. I I can't wait till the new series
  • Comment number 25. Posted by Artlover-01

    27 Apr 2018 19:16
    Is awesome I love it
  • Comment number 24. Posted by RavenclawQuidditchCaptain3

    14 Apr 2018 20:10
    The new series of JJ is awesome, shame i have to wait another week for the next episode!!!
  • Comment number 23. Posted by xunchaXOXO

    10 Apr 2018 20:11
    I love Jamie Johnson and I am looking forward to be seeing Jack again in the new series.
    She is a great role model to all girls who want to play football or any sport that they would like to play.
    she is really cool
  • Comment number 22. Posted by XxSparkleCupcakeUnicornxX

    10 Apr 2018 9:06
    my name is Evan your episodes are fabulous
  • Comment number 21. Posted by LavenderQuietGiraffe

    8 Apr 2018 16:56
    I love Jamie Johnson!
  • Comment number 20. Posted by MONDO8000

    8 Apr 2018 15:39
    Jamie Johnson my life man!!!

    By the way nice to meet u all!!! I sign in yesterday.
  • Comment number 19. Posted by MONDO8000

    8 Apr 2018 8:51
    The new series looks amazing but the first episode was good but I think they get better
  • Comment number 18. Posted by MONDO8000

    7 Apr 2018 16:50
    I would love to be in Jamie Johnson
  • Comment number 17. Posted by U16975143

    4 Apr 2018 9:50
    I wanna see Jamie and Dillion . CBBC crew please don't block this comment but it looks like Jethro and Dillon's school are combinning. I could see Nancy and Hugo/Boggy sitting together when I saw the Wozza interview.
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