Hetty Feather's Ghostly and Creepy Stories

Howling End

Adapted from the story by competition winner Eleanor, age 9

When acrobat Victoria visits Howling End for a circus performance, she begins to realise that the town is not all that it seems...

The Girl at the Window

By Heather Imani

When Charles sees Bella at the window of a bricked up house, he makes a grave mistake when he tries to befriend her...

The Curse

By David Bishop

Wicked Miss. Hardcastle pays the price for a lifetime of fiery lies, falsehoods and deciet.

The Drummer Boy

By Janice Okoh

When Arthur survives a snake attack in the jungle, he discovers the ghostly truth behind his mysterious saviour...

The Ghostly Chorister

By David Bishop

There's a reason why the grand organ in the hall of the Foundling Hosptial is to be left well alone... you wouldn't want to upset the girl who sang too much...

The Smiling Ghost

By Vinay Patel

When Clara has a glimpse of how her future could be, seen within the swirls of a strange glass marble, her life begins to unravel.


By Atiha Sen Gupta

Every night at the stroke of twelve, Jack springs from his box. But what is so special about midnight? Archie is about to find out the ghostly truth...

The Baker

By Janice Okoh

What will it cost to taste The Baker’s beautiful cakes? Late one night, poor Faith is about to discover…

The Ghostly Galleon

by Nessah Muthy

Sailors beware! Don't sail to close to the ghostly galleon and never, ever, try to claim her treasures.

The Infirmary Ghost

by David Ka-shing Tse

Who is the silent, mysterious stranger that Violet, her head swimming with influenza, sees in the Infirmary at midnight?

Sound Record and Mix – Stewart Barnes
Composer – Andy Price
Line Producer – Judith Coker
Interactive Producer – Helen Varley
Director – John Leagas
Producer – David Collier

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