Extraordinary animals with real superpowers

Poison Dart Frog AKA Rogue

You wouldn’t want to touch a poison dart frog – they secrete toxins through their skin. Their bright colouring advertises their toxicity to potential predators like a neon sign: “Stay away!” Ingestion of these poisons can cause breathing problems, coma or even death, just like Rogue’s touch.

Mantis Shrimp AKA Cyclops

The mantis shrimp is quite possibly the coolest animal on the planet. Not only might it be able to see colours that humans can only dream of, but it can punch with the same velocity as a speeding bullet. Due to the speed of this strike, the water around its punch boils making tiny bubbles. When these bubbles pop they make a shockwave so powerful it creates bursts of light. Step aside, Cyclops!

Peregrine Falcon AKA Quicksilver

Is it a bird? Yes, it is! The fastest animal on Earth is the peregrine falcon, which can reach speeds of up to 242mph! That’s about the speed of nerve impulses in our bodies, just a bit slower than Quicksilver.

Cuttlefish AKA Mystique

You might imagine that the chameleon would be on top for camouflage but it’s got nothing on the cuttlefish. They can merge perfectly with their background or even impersonate other fish to fool prey.

Star-Nosed Mole AKA Daredevil

The blind star-nosed mole may not seem like the ultimate fighter, but when it's hungry it can find, catch and eat its prey faster than the human eye can follow! Its fleshy nose acts as an extra hand, allowing it to ‘see’ underground. Daredevil is able to perceive and block attacks despite his blindness, too.

Gecko AKA Nightcrawler

The gecko has surprisingly sophisticated toepads that allow it to climb most surfaces – even glass! Each toe is covered in bristles called setae that stick to the surface without liquid. Nightcrawler would be jealous!

Hairy Frog AKA Wolverine

This picture doesn't actually show a hairy frog, they're notoriously difficult to capture on camera. This is a red-eyed tree frog.

You’d probably think we would include the actual wolverine in our list, but we like to keep you on your toes; much like the hairy frog, which breaks its toe bones when attacked and pushes them through its skin to make claws just like Wolverine from X-Men!

Sardine AKA The Invisible Woman

The humble sardine may not strike you as particularly super, but it has mastered the art of becoming invisible to predators. By reflecting light using crystals in their skin, they can create an optical illusion, seeming to disappear when threatened. The Invisible Woman apparently bends wavelengths of light in a similar way.

Electric Eel AKA Storm

Storm conjures electrical shocks via lightning, but we think this eel could give her a run for her money! Electric eels aren’t friendly and will make predators think twice about attacking. They can generate an electric shock of up to 860 volts for two milliseconds. Don’t worry, that’s not long enough to hurt a human, but it can still numb your skin!

Octopus AKA Mister Fantastic

The octopus is practically elastic in its ability to stretch and squeeze through tiny openings. It’s a real Houdini act, matched only by the flexibility of Mister Fantastic!

Pigeon AKA Magneto

Bet you didn’t know that homing pigeons can sense magnetic fields! It’s true – they use their beaks to detect the Earth’s magnetic field, allowing them to always find their way back home. Admittedly they can’t move metal like Magneto, but that’s still pretty super.

Dolphin AKA Banshee

Most toothed whales, such as dolphins and killer whales, use echo-location to find items and communicate underwater. Due to the low visibility in the depths, these animals can use sound instead of sight to see and warn others of potential attackers. Banshee uses sonar in a similar way while avoiding obstacles!

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