The latest Dumping Ground drama: exclusive report


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  • Comment number 147. Posted by FizzyGallifreyanKoala

    24 Sep 2016 9:11
    I like it when Newsround create fake news reports for different CBBC shows.
  • Comment number 146. Posted by U16591431

    30 Aug 2016 16:16
    carmen is just the best
  • Comment number 145. Posted by U16588297

    22 Aug 2016 9:20
    Why does everyone love Tee?
    There are other characters such as: Harry, Carmen, Ryan, Floss, Finn, Mo and others!
  • Comment number 144. Posted by EmeraldWavingTimelord

    23 Jul 2016 16:33
    As everyone says Mike shouldn't leave as he's such an important person!
  • Comment number 143. Posted by U16544080

    28 Jun 2016 17:25
  • Comment number 142. Posted by PeachChocolateMagnolia

    5 Jun 2016 10:34
    Tee is just absolutely amazing. Words cannot explain :P

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  • Comment number 141. Posted by PeachChocolateMagnolia

    5 Jun 2016 10:32
    Tee is the best. I love her so much. She is my idol. She rocks. Who agrees? Comment

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  • Comment number 140. Posted by U16545059

    2 Jun 2016 16:02
    Well, Ryan is not one of my favourite dumping ground stars 👎. I agree with you TanzaniteFootballBoing, his very sneaky and makes the most hassle there. He should get the blame.😠 [Edited by Moderator]
  • Comment number 139. Posted by U16544830

    1 Jun 2016 13:03
    Ryan is a bit sneaky and naughty he should be going to the police
  • Comment number 138. Posted by EmeraldSpikyDeer

    28 May 2016 13:30
    Why did Ryan do that? Mike could have lost his job!
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