Lauren competes to be a World Champion


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  • Comment number 34. Posted by U16548155

    2 Jun 2016 12:47
    I wish I could Irish dance!
  • Comment number 33. Posted by U16518322

    17 Apr 2016 9:17
    I am an Irish dancing too not as good as lauren though. I am a long way off the world championships too.
  • Comment number 32. Posted by BerylGeekyDolphin

    20 Mar 2016 15:11
    I do Irish Dancing, but I don't like all the wigs and make-up :)
    You really don't have to have wigs and make-up to dance well but I think that Lauren is inspirational!
    (I'm still trying to figure out how to go that high on my toes!)
  • Comment number 31. Posted by U16391404

    9 Jan 2016 18:34

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  • Comment number 30. Posted by U16254349

    3 Dec 2015 19:45
    i am an artistic gymnast and i think it terms of flexibility artistic gymnastics and Irish dancing are rather the same
    bye the way when i compete { quite regularly } i always really freak out and once my leotard came of my shoulder and i fell of the bars eeek!
  • Comment number 29. Posted by U16246104

    3 Dec 2015 18:05
    Well done you !
  • Comment number 28. Posted by LavenderShyDevil

    1 Dec 2015 17:40
    I love her dress πŸ‘—
  • Comment number 27. Posted by U16304144

    29 Nov 2015 18:13
  • Comment number 26. Posted by U16093771

    29 Nov 2015 16:59
    Those wigs i think are a bit too much and the makeup is a bit too much too there are some nice wigs but that one is a bit full on. My friend is an irish dancer and was placed 12th in Ireland.

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  • Comment number 25. Posted by U16357789

    29 Nov 2015 15:17
    her hair"!wow
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