Zipwire challenge: Behind the scenes

Watch Lindsey's zipline challenge in full

With the use of friction, can two books hold up a BP presenter on a zipline at speeds of 25 MPH all in aid of Terrific Scientific?

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  • Comment number 20. Posted by rainbow purple unicorn

    25 Jul 2017 12:41
    I really would like to do that but it looks scary
  • Comment number 19. Posted by The Exploding Spaghetti

    1 May 2017 9:13
    Screams* Snaps* Dies*
  • Comment number 18. Posted by Musical Penguin

    30 Apr 2017 17:45
    Cool but terrifying
  • Comment number 17. Posted by purplesparkledragon

    23 Apr 2017 17:31
    How does it do that
  • Comment number 16. Posted by chocolateman100

    19 Apr 2017 17:24
    Awesome!! I LOVED it! I agree with everyone. :)
  • Comment number 15. Posted by MeepySparkleUnicorn11

    17 Apr 2017 19:50
    I agree with you, UnicornSlayer55, I now love books for more than one reason!!! Blue Peter is the best show ever!! Good joke shiningstar. I agree CoralJellyDuck! By the way, everyone, fab names!

    Unicorns awesome!!!!!😄😄😄
  • Comment number 14. Posted by UnicornSlayer55

    17 Apr 2017 9:25
    Wow!! Only 2 books were holding Radzi and Lindsey up. That must be terrifying. Well done Lindsey and well done Radzi!


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  • Comment number 13. Posted by blobs4life

    16 Apr 2017 16:20
  • Comment number 12. Posted by SapphireSparklyUnicorn

    16 Apr 2017 14:48
    I love zipwires .....on second thought I would rather stay on the ground.
  • Comment number 11. Posted by double act

    16 Apr 2017 11:25
    wow cool I want to do that so much wish I was a Blue Peter presenter
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