Radzi's best lol moments

Very funny food face challenges...

 If you try this yourself, make sure you do it with food that's safe to use. Grab a grown-up if you're not sure!

Things didn't always go to plan on filming days, as we captured in this moment forever...

Good thing Radzi can always see the funny side!

After Barney and Lindsey had a go at jelly bean tasting, they thought it only fair that Radzi also try it.

Will he be lucky and get popcorn instead of rotten egg flavour? We think not.

Radzi and his bestie Barney vs cream pies...

...the cream pies won!

Radzi and Lindsey read each others lips...

Radzi is some kind of word recognition magician and Lindsey serves up the giggles!

Lindsey and Radzi create some unique make-up looks!

Always be careful with make-up, and get permission from whoever owns it!

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