Make your own pumpkin bowl

You will need

  • A balloon
  • String
  • Scissors
  • PVA glue
  • Ripped up newspaper
  • Card
  • Template (download above!)
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glitter

How to make your pumpkin bowl

  • Blow up a balloon. Deflate until it is about half the size. Then tie a knot in the balloon.
  • Cut a length of string. Tie the centre of the string around the nozzle of the balloon.
  • Turn the balloon over. Pull the string tight around the balloon, so balloon changes shape. Twist the ends of the string around each other at 90 degree angle. Secure with a piece of tape.
  • Turn the balloon over again. Pull the string tight so the balloon changes shape and tie the string together. Secure with a piece of tape.
  • Repeat so that the balloon is divided into 8 sections using string.
  • Papier mache the balloon 3 times, leaving to dry for several hours/overnight for each layer.
  • Paint the body of the pumpkin orange and green at the top. Add a black line of paint along each segment. Mix orange paint with a small amount of black paint and paint along the left side of each segment to give a 3-D effect.
  • Pierce into the pumpkin near the top with a pencil. Insert scissors into the hole and cut a jagged lid.
  • Paint the inside of the pumpkin black.


  • Fold a pipe cleaner in half. Twist the pipe cleaner in the middle and pull the two ends out slightly. Open the top of the pipe cleaner slightly.
  • Paper mache the pipe cleaners two times, again leaving the ends. Paint green and sprinkle glitter on top.


  • Cut a leaf shape from card. Paint green and sprinkle glitter on top.
  • Secure the leaf to the stalk by wrapping pipe cleaner painted green around. Leave a bit loose and curl it like a pig’s tail.

Assembling the pumpkin

  • Pierce the end of the pipe cleaners from the stalk into the lid.
  • Secure using sticky tape on the inside.
  • Cut a pumpkin face out of black card using the template or by designing your own.
  • Stick the face to the pumpkin
  • Fill with sweets!

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