The Wave Runner challenge: as it happened

Catch up on the Wave Runner films to see how the whole thing unfolded.

4.45pm: Lindsey arrives at Portpatrick harbour

The elements may have got the better of Lindsey this time, but she battled the waves to the end, travelling an incredible distance. We’re all so proud of her! She arrived safely into Portpatrick harbour in Scotland, and was welcomed by a crowd of cheering locals.

4.20pm: Newsround announcement

At 4.20pm, Jenny Lawrence announced on Newsround that the challenge had been brought to an end due to bad weather. Lindsey had travelled an EPIC 17 nautical miles in Bobby the inflatable ball – that's over 30km! We're all so proud of you Lindsey, well done!

View from the air

Watch Lindsey in action in the ball - you can really see how much effort it takes to keep the ball moving on the water. So impressive!

Preparing the banners to welcome Lindsey into Portpatrick

11:30am: Lindsey's having a chocolatey treat – she's earnt it!

12.7 miles done so far. Amazing effort from the WAVE RUNNER!

Greg Whyte last night after trying the Wave Runner ball

We gave sports scientist, trainer and all-round tough guy Greg Whyte a turn in the ball. This is what he had to say...

10.15am: 10 miles down

Just under 10 miles done so far! Lindsey has just enjoyed a hearty brunch of spaghetti hoops.

Local school kids ready to welcome Lindsey

8.15am: We're getting somewhere...

A limerick for Lindsey

We've written a limerick for the Wave Runner! Because...just because.

There was a Blue Peter presenter
To Scotland on water we sent her
It beggars belief, all for Sport Relief
An epic, inspiring adventure!

6:30am: She's off!

A great start from Lindsey as she sets off from Donaghadee in Northern Ireland. We'll keep you posted on her progress!

The Wave Runner ball has a name!

It's official – we asked Blue Peter fans to come up with a name for the inflatable ball Lindsey will be doing the challenge in, and she's chosen the name BOBBY! Because it bobs about in the water...get it?!

Thanks to MagentaCrumpetSilkworm for suggesting that name!

The calm before the storm

Wave Runner Factfile

How far is Lindsey going? How long will it take? How much does the Wave Runner ball weigh? All the info you could possibly want is in this factfile.

Download the full-size version – you might want to print it as a poster!

Lindsey dances to Katy Perry with the Blue Peter crew

Nothing like a good dance to get you in the mood for a Blue Peter challenge!

The view from the finish line

Lindsey looks out from Portpatrick in Scotland at where she'll be starting her challenge. This is going to be difficult, but if anyone can do it then Lindsey can!

Radzi and Barney's thoughts on the challenge

Take a look behind the scenes at the Wave Runner launch show, and hear what Radzi and Barney think of what Lindsey's about to do!

Meet the Engineers

James and Grant are the engineering geniuses behind Lindsey's Wave Runner machine! They've made loads of other cool contraptions in their careers, but this has been one of their more difficult challenges.

Your good luck messages for Lindsey

You wonderful BP fans have been sending good luck messages for Lindsey – and so have a few famous faces! Check them out below.

How to stay entertained on a six-hour run

Lindsey's training for her Sport Relief Wave Runner challenge is TOUGH. It's involved running non-stop for six and even seven hours! We came up with some creative ways to stop her getting bored.

On the sea for the first time

Lindsey took her Wave Runner ball out on the sea for the first time this weekend! It was tough but she managed it and is feeling confident for the main challenge.

Lindsey reacts to seeing the ball for the first time

On a reservoir in Birmingham, the Wave Running machine is ready for Lindsey to test – but it's not quite what she was expecting.

Take a tour around the Wave Running machine

Get to know the bizarre-looking contraption that will hopefully carry Lindsey across the Irish sea!

The Wave Runner challenge launches

In a flurry of publicity, the epic Wave Runner challenge is announced – Blue Peter's Lindsey Russell will attempt to run across the Irish Sea, from Northern Ireland all the way to Scotland, in an inflatable ball.

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