Emily Atack's Guide to Impressions

Tip One: Try impersonating your teachers!

If you spend a lot of time around certain teachers at school, it is the perfect opportunity to watch their unique actions and expressions. Have a go at copying them and see if you can be the next Mrs Morrison!

Do any of your teachers have their own special quips?  

Tip Two: Try doing impressions of your friends' parents

Do you have friends with parents from really cool places or who have different accents to yours? Spend time listening to them and practice getting their accent just right.

Practice makes perfect!

Tip Three: Practice alone

You want to feel as free and as comfortable as possible when practicing your different impressions... so find a nice, quiet place where you won't be disturbed and you can get into your impersonating groove.

Tip Four: Try over-exaggerating to make people laugh!

Be flamboyant and really let all of your inhibitions go to make the funniest impressions.

Have a go at your very own Britney impressions and let us know how your friends and family reacted in the comments below!

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