Blue Peter Book Awards 2021

The Nominees: Best Book with Facts

A Day in the Life of a Poo, a Gnu and You

By Mike Barfield and iillustrated by Jess Bradley

What does a panda do all day long? How does your heart move blood around your body and what makes a rainbow shine? You can find the answers to those and lots more questions in “A Day in the Life”. It’s full of interesting things about our hungry tummies and bossy brains, as well as busy beetles and deadly jellies. Find out how many earths fit inside the sun, what makes a volcano blow and lots lots more.

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By Robert Winston and illustrated by Jessamy Hawke

Discover the masterminds behind the greatest inventions in history – see Leonardo da Vinci's workshop, climb on board Hideo Shima's speedy bullet train and visit Annie Turnbo Malone’s beauty school. From Archimedes leaping from his bath to the internet and space travel, “Inventors” tells the story of the people that changed our world.

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The Humans

by Jonny Marx and illustrated by Charlie Davies

From the Nubians to the Native Americans, our ancestors created many wonderful and wacky inventions, languages, art, medicines, music, stories and more. “The Humans” takes us from where it all began, digging through history up to the time of the Aztecs who lived nearly one thousand years ago. This book shows us the astonishing things those ancient civilisations achieved and what they taught us.

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The Nominees: Best Story Book

A Kind of Spark

By Elle McNicoll

Addie is on a school trip when she hears about the witch trials – although they happened long ago, they happened in her town. Addie thinks there’s more to the ‘witches’ story, just like there is more to her. Can Addie get her town to have a ‘witches’ memorial? Can she change how people think of the witch trials? And can Addie make everyone see her differently too?

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Anisha the Accidental Detective - School's Cancelled

By Serena Patel and illustrated by Emma McCann

Anisha has been working sooo hard on her volcano project for the science fair. She wants to win the first prize – it’s a trip to the national space centre. But when the volcano explodes, school is cancelled and Anisha is disqualified from the science fair. It’s really unfair as it wasn't her fault! Can Anisha and her best friend Milo, with his pet rat, work out who really did it?

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Life of Riley: Beginner's Luck

By Simon James Green and illustrated by Alexei Bitskoff

Riley only wants to do one thing at the fun fair – visit the fortune teller. Could he be an astronaut or a West End Star? Instead Riley finds himself CURSED. His life goes from one disaster to another – he even manages to superglue his class together. Enter new kid: Brad Chicago - super-cool and stylish, with an excellent stationery collection. And he wants to be Riley's friend. Can Riley get rid of the curse before Brad discovers he's a disaster waiting to happen?

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About the Blue Peter Book Awards:

The BP Book Awards starts with 100 books, from which a longlist of twenty books are chosen (with some help from the Book Trust), ten story books and ten factual books. Our book experts then choose the shortlist which you see on this very page!

When will the winners be announced?

The winners of the 2021 Book Awards will be announced on World Book Day in March 2021! 

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