How you can help stop racism

Educate yourself: Find out more

There are lots of ways you can learn about racism and its effects. Here are a few of our suggestions for getting started:

Newsround have a special programme on racism that offers lots of helpful information about what is happening and why.

You can read some of the words of black people about their opinions on racism and why change is important.

Read the facts about George Floyd and the protests happening around the world.

Hear what young African Americans have to say about their own experiences of racism and how they want things to change in the future.

Watch Radzi retrace the route of a civil rights march in the USA that changed history - The Walk That Changed the World.

For help and support:

Racism can be very upsetting to experience and uncomfortable to talk about. But it's really important that you speak out about your feelings if you are upset by what you have read in the news or heard online. You can always speak to a parent, teacher or trusted adult about the subject.

If you have experienced prejudice because of your skin colour - or any other reason - please take a look at this Lifebabble help and advice page.

There is also a list of Help and Advice lines if you feel you need some support.

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