Black History Month: Poems

J Chambers

J Chambers wrote this amazing poem to kick off Black History Month on Blue Peter, written especially for the show. J is a spoken word artist and takes his inspiration from his Jamaican heritage, the Black British experience and the fight for equality.

Ella Otomewo: Zig Zag

Ella Otomewo is another spoken word poet that has taken our breath away with her beautifully written poem inspired by her favourite childhood book "A is for Africa".

Maz Hedgehog: Fanny Eaton

Maz is our next incredible spoken word poet, performing her powerful piece from the perspective of Fanny Eaton, a Jamaican born artist's model from almost 200 years ago. 

SAF-S2E: The place my Mother calls home

Saf's amazing poem takes us to the Kingdom of Kush, an ancient civilisation in Africa, just south of Ancient Egypt. It is often called Nubia and had 2 different capital cities - the first capital in the north was Napata. Today, the Kingdom of Kush is called Sudan and South Sudan.

  • The food Saf talks about is Asida, flour cooked in hot water to eat with stew - the stew might be made with Khudra, a vegetable like spinach.
  • The kitenge is a bit like a sarong and incredibly colourful. It can be worn while men and women dance the Dirrer.

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