Abbie's story: My best friend cyberbullied me


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  • Comment number 60. Posted by JoBean

    2 Jun 2016 12:20
    you shouldn't be bullied I know what it is like 😧💔
  • Comment number 59. Posted by U16507500

    28 Mar 2016 9:13
    Bullies aren't very nice people but you have know idea what might be going on in their home life. But they still shouldn't be doing what their doing.😎😎😎

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  • Comment number 58. Posted by U16465999

    22 Feb 2016 15:22
    I hate bullies!!!!!
  • Comment number 57. Posted by U16452352

    15 Feb 2016 9:00
    If people are mean other people the people who are being bullied should not get punishment but if you think about it carefully, the bullies shouldn't get punished ethier because you need to think about why they are bullying.
    once there was a girl at my school and she bullied my friend because my friend trusted me,she told me about it and then we told a teacher and she wrote a letter to her dad to say what she had been doing but then we saw her again and she was crying then we found out her mum died when she was two.
  • Comment number 56. Posted by U16452352

    14 Feb 2016 12:21
    GreenSpikyWhale I think you are

  • Comment number 55. Posted by CoralViolaSatsuma

    13 Feb 2016 18:19
    That is so horrid Tasha is so mean! Also, GreenSpikyWhale that is so true and I love that post!
  • Comment number 54. Posted by LilacNoisyTailor

    13 Feb 2016 11:09
    GreenSpikyWhale that is so deep and true.
  • Comment number 53. Posted by LilacNoisyTailor

    13 Feb 2016 11:07
    Is this new or from last year? I feel for Abbie and I hope she eventually made up with Tasha even though what she did was unforgivable or better still made a new friend who she could count on and Tasha should be punished, Abbie didn't really do anything to hurt her, just went to a Halloween party which Tasha wasn't invited to, she tried to hold Abbie back which is also mean. So sad.
  • Comment number 52. Posted by U16440331

    13 Feb 2016 9:49
    Tasha is really mean she should've been punished more than that
  • Comment number 51. Posted by U16272934

    9 Feb 2016 19:50
    that is a sad story. you should be able to choose what you do
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