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The Ultimate Animaltastic Quiz

Have you been paying attention to Animaltastic? Let's find out!

ANIMAL ANTICS: Chips, chips, chips!

Giraffes are the world's tallest animals, and that long neck helps them reach the leaves at the top of tall trees.

Polly the pig has piglets!

Lou's pig Polly had nine healthy piglets this time. Nice work, Lou and Polly!

Help save the sea turtles!

Sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs in the sand on the beach where they will hatch.


Cranes are a type of bird with long necks and long legs. They look similar to herons, but they're not actually related.

Quiz: UK Wildlife

Hedgehogs, badgers, foxes, squirrels, we love 'em! Let's find out what we know about them.

WOW: Watch this dragonfly emerging!

Dragonflies have two sets of wings meaning they can hover and fly in any direction.

Your Superpowers Poll Winner...

Steve Backshall takes a look at what gives this animal its amazing superpower. Thanks for voting

PETS: Goldfish

People have done experiments that make us think goldfish can recognise their owners, so give them a wave today!

The fastest fish in the world!

The sailfish can swim faster than a cheetah can run. Now that's amazing!

FUNNY: Animals just can't stop making a mess!

Steve Backshall is often the person that the animals make a mess on! Ooops!

Hatzegopteryx is here!

Hatzegopteryx was one of the largest flying animals ever known, and could have been taller than a double decker bus!

Ring-tailed Lemurs

Did you know that those amazing tails are longer than their bodies? And that they only live on the island of Madagascar? Well now you do!


Shrimps, crabs, lobsters, crayfish and barnacles are all crustaceans! Unlike us, they have a skeleton that is on the outside.

Tim and Gendle meet a deadly puff adder

Woah! Did you know that the puff adder can see well at night, but it's also got an amazing sense of smell that it can use to help find its prey?

Top Dog Tips Quiz

We've had piles of puppies and pooches for you all last week in Top Dog Tips. See if you've been watching closely enough!

How to keep your dog happy!

Just like us, dogs hate being bored! Let's make sure our furry friends are happy and healthy.


Of course you do! 



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  • Comment number 239. Posted by U16432733

    6 Jan 2016 18:28
    I want to have a tortoise 🐢🐢
  • Comment number 238. Posted by U16432733

    6 Jan 2016 18:20
    I goy 10/11 I want to be a vet 🐱🐭🐹

    [Edited by Moderator]
  • Comment number 237. Posted by U16336416

    21 Nov 2015 16:11
    I woild love to be a zoo keeper because you basically spend most of your time with awsome animals
  • Comment number 236. Posted by U16404374

    19 Nov 2015 17:10
    I 💜 dogs to
    I have a dog called poppy and a puppy called sam🐶🐶
  • Comment number 235. Posted by U16336066

    20 Oct 2015 7:57
    I agree with navyblueRollingBird 💟💟💟💟💟💟🐱🐱🐱
  • Comment number 234. Posted by LavenderSpikyOrka

    27 Sep 2015 13:32
    I love dogs, I have one, anyone else? Well done Polly, well done Lou!
  • Comment number 233. Posted by U16336320

    11 Sep 2015 10:49
    8/15 on the quiz, it was fun!
  • Comment number 232. Posted by U16336431

    6 Sep 2015 15:17
    11/11 on puppy quiz
  • Comment number 231. Posted by U16321827

    18 Aug 2015 13:39
    On the dog quiz I got 10/11 and I don't have a dog
  • Comment number 230. Posted by AmethystMusicalPuffin

    13 Aug 2015 12:45
    On the dog quiz I got 6/11 ok score could have got better as have a dog !
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