8 Extreme Ways to Read

WARNING! We don't suggest actually trying any of these silly ideas for real - they're just for fun!

Get your pet to act out your favourite chapter

Mr Tiddles might not understand the full works of Shakespeare but surely he can get his acting chops around "To be or not to be..."

Stand on your hands (but leave the book the right way up)

Everything goes swimmingly until you need to turn that page.

Project the book onto a tall building then abseil down it while reading

The added bonus is that people for miles around gets to read along too.

Record yourself reading the book backwards from the end, then play it back.

?ti nac drah taht eb t'nac tI

Head to a farm, write a word on each sheep you find, then get sheepdogs to herd them into a story

Whatever you do don't try to count them. (zzzzz!)

Attach a book to the highest point of a bouncy castle and bounce up to it

Perfect, you're exercising body and mind at the same time.

Read out loud in the 'no noise' bit of the library


Have a friend stand with a book and turn the pages for you as you bungee jump above them

This. Might. Mean. Reading. One. Word. At. A. Tiiiiiiiiiime.

Do you think you've got the perfect idea to liven up reading? Let us know below. The sillier the better!

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