Make your own calming mood jar

You will need

  • An empty jar with a tight-fitting lid
  • Glitter glue
  • Hot water
  • A spoon

What to do:

1. Pour a dollop of glitter glue into the jar. How much depends on the jar that you’re using, but don’t worry, you can always add more if you need to.

2. Get a grown-up to help you add hot water to the jar and stir it with the spoon to dissolve the glitter glue. Do not use boiling water in the jar as it could break the glass.

3. Once all the glue has dissolved, wait for it to cool down before you screw the lid back on. When it’s on tight (and make sure it’s really tight) give it a shake and watch the glitter storm calm down.

For loads more tips and clips about all sorts of emotions, check out the Lifebabble guide to feeling good.

Made a jar or got any other ways to help stay calm?

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