True or false: How to make your conkers unconquerable!

1) True or false: bake them

One way to make your conkers extra strong is in the oven. With a grown up’s help, put your favourite conkers on a baking tray and whack them in the oven on a low heat (140C) for anywhere up to two hours (or whenever you get bored and desperate to get on with it, but the closer to two hours the better).

Ask your grown up to help take the conkers out using oven gloves and then leave them to cool down. They should be extra hard once they’re done!

True or false?

2) True or false: hide them under your pillows

One thing that makes conkers as strong as possible is heat. To strengthen up your conker before school the next day, just place it under your pillow while you sleep. The heat from your body and the pressure from the weight of your head will help to harden it overnight.

True or false?

3) True or false: paint them

Ask a grown up to use some some clear nail varnish, and get painting! Cover your conker in the clear varnish, wait for it to dry and then do a second coat. Pros: it’s easy to do, and it’ll make your conker super strong. Cons: it can make your conker look shiny, so all your friends might be onto you!

True or false?

4) True or false: leave them

Have you got a year to spend waiting for your conkers to get old? Maybe not, but if you do have any conkers that you’ve had lying around from last year, they might just be your winners. If they were stored in a dry place, they should be incredibly tough. At least you’ll know for next year!

True or false?

5) True or false: glitter them

Glitter has shock-absorbing abilities, and one way to make your conker survive for as long as possible is to make it able to withstand pressure. First, ask your grown up’s permission to use glitter (it’s super messy!), then roll your conkers in it until they’re covered. Leave them standing in the glitter overnight, and you’re sorted!

True or false?


True conker tips: 1, 3 & 4.

As fun as covering your conkers in glitter and keeping them under your pillow would be, they're not likely to make your conkers extra strong. Stick to painting them, baking them and leaving them to really up your conker game!

How did you do? Do you have any tips for making your own conkers strong? Comment below...

To learn more about conkers and how to improve your game, head to Newsround.

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