Make an Aardman sea turtle

You will need

  • Clay (green, brown, black & white colours)
  • Toothpicks (Careful, these are sharp!)



  1. Take some green clay and mould it into a carrot shape. This will make the neck and head.
  2. Squeeze out the top of the head to make an eyebrow.
  3. Then attach a small lump of clay in the middle of the face to create the nose.


  1. Make a sausage shape out of green clay and wrap it around the nose to give that classic Aardman look.
  2. Pop in some white clay for the teeth to finish off the mouth,


  1. Roll out 2 pea-sized balls of white clay for the eyes and pop them in the head.
  2. Take two tiny balls of black clay to make the pupils and press them on to the eyeball to make the circle of the pupils.


  1. Next we are going to make the arms and legs. All the limbs start off as carrots so make 4 largish carrots.
  2. For the hand and arms, flatten the carrot shape slightly and make a mitten like shape to make the palm of the hands. Don't worry about fingers but make sure you have a thumb by dragging clay down the arm towards the end of the hand and then pinch up the clay in to a thumb shape.
  3. The legs are very simple! Tease out the foot shape from the top or fat end of the carrot and that will make the feet.


  1. For the turtle shell its best to start with a large ball of orange/brown or Morph colour.
  2. Press it slightly flatter on one side with the table to make the flat underbelly of the shell and leave the back domed. Press in with your fingers or the end of pencil to make sockets for the arms, legs, head and tail.
  3. Roll out a long sausage of clay to make the rim of the shell. Press it flat and then wrap that around the shell, behind the arm, head and leg holes. Smooth in the rim and then draw the different panels of the shell pattern.


  1. To stick all of the elements together, use cocktail sticks snapped in half and push them in to the tail, neck, arms and legs to pin the whole thing together, but be carful, cocktail sticks are sharp!

That's it!

You can accessorise with caps and props if you want!

The Turtle Journey

A powerful Aardman animation about protecting the life in our seas. Some viewers may find this clip upsetting or distressing. 

Copyright to Aardman/Greenpeace

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