How to make jelly slices

If you made your own jelly slices, we'd love to see a photo! Send it to

Ava and Nancy

Arwen and Caitlin

Arwen got her little sister Caitlin to help her make these, and used fresh fruit from her granddad's garden!

Molly, 6

Looks yummy, Molly!

Sam and Molly, 8

These must be tasty, judging by Sam and Molly's smiles!

Eleanor, 8

Eleanor's used a variety of fruits – great idea!

Amelia, 11, and Lydia, 8

Amelia and Lydia tucking into their HUGE jelly watermelons!

Isabella, 10, and Katarina, 8

These look delicious, guys!

Aled, 6, and Eirlys, 4

Aled and Eirlys made these beauties with their grandma. Well done guys!

Lily, 9

We love your presentation skills, Lily!

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