How to make a recycled plastic bag kite

You will need

  • 24 Recycled straws
  • Recycled carrier bags
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors

How to make it:

  1. Take 6 straws and cut off the ends just before the bend
  2. Feed some string through 5 straws, then cut the string leaving about 10cm at either end
  3. Arrange the straws into a diamond shape, with one straw going across the middle
  4. Double knot the string at both sides of the diamond
  5. Feed some string through a new straw (Leaving about 10cm either side)
  6. Attach the straw to the top of the diamond, then bring the bottom of the straw to the bottom of the diamond. You should be left with a pyramid shape
  7. Cut along the sides of a plastic bag so that it becomes flat
  8. Draw around the bottom of the pyramid
  9. Roll the pyramid onto its side and draw around it again (You should have a diamond shape drawn onto your plastic bag)
  10. Draw 2cm tabs on the four sides of the diamond shape
  11. Cut out around your shape
  12. Fold over the tabs and tape to secure the bag to the kite
  13. Repeat this three times so you have four pyramids
  14. In order to construct the kite, place 3 pyramids so 2 are in front and 1 is behind then one on top(they should look like little tents with open space on the front and bottom!)
  15. Use the leftover string already on your kite to tie the pyramids together 
  16. Gather the ends of the straws (that were originally cut off) and feed them onto a piece of string
  17. Cut the string once they are all fed through and tie the ends together so you have a long loop
  18. Then attach this onto the leftover string dangling from the bottom point at the back of the kite
  19. Feed a long piece of string through the loop on the top of the kite and the middle of the kite (at the back) and tie a knot
  20. Use this last piece of string to hold on to and get flying!

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