Make Your Own Pig Confetti Cannon!

You will need

  • Cardboard tube/roll
  • Balloon
  • Pink coloured card/felt
  • Tape
  • Confetti pieces
  • Tissue paper
  • Elastic band

Step One

Tie a knot in the bottom of your balloon, stretch it slightly and then snip off the top of your balloon.

Remember to grab a grown-up whenever you use scissors!

Step Two

Stretch the top of the balloon over one end of your roll and secure with tape. 

Step Three

Decorate your cardboard tube, use felt or coloured card. You can even add some little trotters!

Step Four

Fill your tube with confetti pieces or some scrap pieces of paper.

Step Five

Using a piece of tissue paper that covers the tube hole, draw a pig face and secure it with an elastic band. This will keep your confetti pieces secure until you're ready to fire!

Now you have your very own confetti pig canon to celebrate the Lunar New Year!

Fire the cannon by pulling and releicing the balloon!

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