Quiz: Which instrument should you learn?

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*Learning to play a musical instrument takes a lot of time and patience! If you do plan on picking one, you need to be sure it is the right instrument for you. Read up on your choice and chat with your friends, parents, maybe even someone who already plays before deciding.

Which instrument did you get? Comment below and let us know!


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  • Comment number 560. Posted by Book reader dancer

    18 Mar 2019 19:49
    The Lute!!!
    Interesting, reminds me of Shakespeare!
    We did Shakespeare Rocks! as our production.
    My friend had to play a lute
  • Comment number 559. Posted by Isabelle

    18 Mar 2019 19:16
    acoustic guitar = so mee !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Whoop!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY 😂
    sooo happy 😃
  • Comment number 558. Posted by U17579439

    18 Mar 2019 11:53
    I got saxophone 🎷
  • Comment number 557. Posted by CuteBlackCat

    17 Mar 2019 19:44
    Acoustic guitar!
  • Comment number 556. Posted by MajesticMidnightMauveCrystalCat

    17 Mar 2019 19:36
  • Comment number 555. Posted by locolunatic

    17 Mar 2019 18:20
    I’m a kazoo but I play the violin at school
  • Comment number 554. Posted by PartyPenguin

    17 Mar 2019 12:24
    I can play the cellobut i'm gonna play the clarinet next year and after that finally the saxophone
  • Comment number 553. Posted by lilmismayhem

    16 Mar 2019 19:15
    Acoustic guitar
    Relatively quick to pick up and learn how to strum, the guitar is ideal if you want to sit and croon with friends whilst playing. You'd suit the acoustic guitar, you social butterfly!
    Looks like they were right because I have an acoustic guitar and I have guitar lessons.
    Well done Cbbc! yay!!!!!!!!!!
  • Comment number 552. Posted by U17573840

    16 Mar 2019 8:51
    I play acoustic guitar and got acoustic guitar
    , I also play electric guitar.
  • Comment number 551. Posted by U17475435

    16 Mar 2019 8:25
    Never heard of a SAXOPHONE in my life?! 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️
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