Quiz: Which instrument should you learn?

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*Learning to play a musical instrument takes a lot of time and patience! If you do plan on picking one, you need to be sure it is the right instrument for you. Read up on your choice and chat with your friends, parents, maybe even someone who already plays before deciding.

Which instrument did you get? Comment below and let us know!


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  • Comment number 526. Posted by JuniperAppleElephant

    9 Oct 2016 17:02
    I got the acoustic guitar but I play the sax which I was hoping to get :0
  • Comment number 525. Posted by AmethystReadingFirefly

    26 Sep 2016 19:43
    Of course I got violin! Seriously? I've only just given up playing it lol!
  • Comment number 524. Posted by TealQuirkyCheetah

    26 Sep 2016 9:57
    i got acoustic guitar but I am learning the fiddle
  • Comment number 523. Posted by U16543115

    25 Sep 2016 15:30
  • Comment number 522. Posted by U16535594

    25 Sep 2016 13:11
    i got theramin
    Stand back - here's a theremin enthusiast! The theremin is a bit out there, it takes patience and practice to learn to play it! You wave your hand and as if by magic those funky synths create a bizarre melody.
  • Comment number 521. Posted by purple magic rocket

    18 Sep 2016 11:02
    I got keyboard, but i play the piano and guitar.
  • Comment number 520. Posted by TaupeEarthPenguin

    15 Sep 2016 18:49
  • Comment number 519. Posted by PearlRoboFlamingo

    13 Sep 2016 17:41
    got keyboard but am a singer and play the oboe :)
  • Comment number 518. Posted by BlueVioletRandomBasilisk

    11 Sep 2016 15:28
    I got the violin but I actually play the oboe.
  • Comment number 517. Posted by AmethystTalkativeHoneyBee

    9 Sep 2016 17:30
    I got saxophone
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