Quiz: Cat, dog or something else?

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  • Comment number 30. Posted by whitefluffyarcticfox

    14 Nov 2018 15:15
    Not bad
  • Comment number 29. Posted by CaitlinBluePenguin

    12 Nov 2018 9:44
    All animals are equal in my opinion! Dogs are not disgusting!!!
  • Comment number 28. Posted by CaitlinBluePenguin

    12 Nov 2018 9:38
    9/9 easy! I love animals! I've got a cat 🐱called Milo!
  • Comment number 27. Posted by DoubleDoggyLoveTNS

    11 Nov 2018 9:16
    I agree, everyone has different opinions!
    Like if u agree

  • Comment number 26. Posted by Magicmilk

    10 Nov 2018 18:00
  • Comment number 25. Posted by crazycolorfulgiraffe

    10 Nov 2018 17:49
    It is not nice to say that as other people really like dogs I like both. Many other people might disagree with you and there might be an argument and we all want to stay happy dont we!

    (edited by moderator)
  • Comment number 24. Posted by DolphinEmeraldKey

    10 Nov 2018 13:16
    Some people prefer dogs to cats. Some people prefer cats to dogs. For me they're equal. But everyone has different opinions and it is fine to love cats, I just think maybe it isn't a good idea to say that dogs are disgusting, because not everyone would agree with that. Thanks!
  • Comment number 23. Posted by DolphinEmeraldKey

    10 Nov 2018 13:09
    3/9... I got the pomeranian right:)
  • Comment number 22. Posted by unicornsarereal7

    10 Nov 2018 12:10
    i got 8/9 the first time. then i did it again and i got 9/9. i struggled on the chinese crested
  • Comment number 21. Posted by Meg

    10 Nov 2018 11:42
    Oh and I got 9/9
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