Quiz: Which summer hobby should you try?

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How are you filling your summer holidays? Comment below and let us know!


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  • Comment number 114. Posted by Dolphin32

    13 Sep 2018 18:45
    music !!!
  • Comment number 113. Posted by UnicornGirl6

    6 Aug 2018 10:29
    my summer hobby is art and lukily i love art
  • Comment number 112. Posted by Hannahbanana

    5 Aug 2018 15:13
    I did it again
    You're full of energy and you like being physical, so karate could be for you! It takes a lot of patience and concentration, but you'll look very cool while practising.
  • Comment number 111. Posted by Hannahbanana

    5 Aug 2018 15:12
    You're creative, imaginative, and you love to be in the spotlight! You can make music out of anything, like pots and pans (with your grown ups' permission!) and spoons. You could even try to write your own song!
  • Comment number 110. Posted by U17098398

    5 Aug 2018 12:08
    I got bird watching they said I am patient and would love to see the birds what did all you guys get?
  • Comment number 109. Posted by U17098207

    5 Aug 2018 10:05
    Karate! I already do judo though!
  • Comment number 108. Posted by ArtyOwlBookLover

    4 Aug 2018 17:17
    Art! I already do it though!
  • Comment number 107. Posted by SealManiac

    4 Aug 2018 10:48
    Music :)
  • Comment number 106. Posted by Hermionetreeclimber

    4 Aug 2018 9:09
    i got gymnastics and i am so pleased because even though i am not very good at it i still love it
    like if you think the same
  • Comment number 105. Posted by imani

    3 Aug 2018 18:21
    that quiz was so fun but the hard thing is my brother also it told me I am creative and I like music so muck and chatting with my friends I should make my own song
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