Who would be your Phoenix FC BFF?

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  • Comment number 48. Posted by U17506174

    17 Feb 2019 16:42
    I hope i get jack
  • Comment number 47. Posted by rockingpurpleschool

    17 Feb 2019 14:38
    Your BFF would be Boggy

    Just like Boggy, you’re super smart and really care about your friends! Some may say you’re quirky but you have an amazing talent to see the world differently and that’s why people love to be around you! Some friends come and go but when you make friends you’re always there for them.
  • Comment number 46. Posted by KS

    17 Feb 2019 13:57
    i got wozza and Dillan
  • Comment number 45. Posted by KS

    17 Feb 2019 13:55
    short but fun!!!plus positive Questions
  • Comment number 44. Posted by Book reader dancer

    17 Feb 2019 13:24
    I got Jack Yay!!!!!!
    I did my complete opposite and got Dillion!!!!
  • Comment number 43. Posted by Shiny silver flute

    16 Feb 2019 19:19
    I got Wozza
  • Comment number 42. Posted by stationaryswimmingwolf

    16 Feb 2019 15:14
    I got Wozza
  • Comment number 41. Posted by U17523054

    16 Feb 2019 11:40
    I got Boggy
  • Comment number 40. Posted by U17521853

    15 Feb 2019 18:48
    My bff is Jack!!!
    Just like Jack, you’re completely set on making your dreams come true! You’re all about doing it for yourself and can sometimes focus so much on your goals that you don’t see what’s around you, but you’ve always got time for your BFF. You’re confident, respected and a natural born leader.
    I'm really happy with that
  • Comment number 39. Posted by U16908129

    13 Feb 2019 15:56
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